Il brusio del pettegolo. Forme del discredito nella società e nella Chiesa - Edizioni Dehoniane Bologna
«How many times do people, who have already given their lives or who have died, continue to be lapidated with the hardest stone that exists in the world: the tongue». Pope Francis constantly returns, and emphatically so, to the sin of gossip, perhaps because it is the most widespread and, at the same time, the most difficult to fight against. Gossip, in fact, is the first-born son of envy, a cancer that consumes heart and mind, until the loss endured by a brother (at times a fellow-brother) or a sister is certified. In other words, the sin of gossip - which becomes a criminal act in the form of slander and suspicion - is the product of envy that attests the uttermost inconsistency of the human being. Envy, in fact, does not want what the other person possesses, instead it radically desires that the other person not have what I do not have or that I have lost. Decidedly destructive, envy is prepared for any type of violence, as long as the other person cannot find pleasure in what I don't find pleasure in. In his book "Il brusio del pettegolo. Forme del discredito nella società e nella Chiesa" ("The murmuring of the gossiper. Forms of discredit in society and in the Church" - Edb Dehoniane 2016) analyses how, within the social system, gossip and its various forms find moments of origin, dissemination and involvement. Through communication, in fact, these practices start up as rumors - that then become gossip, slander and informing activities - by means of true and proper communication strategies finalized at obtaining consensus and including or excluding one from social groups. 


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